Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Charles Christopher North

I am very interested in my family history and I thought I would share some
of my findings with you to-day.
I want to tell you about my great uncle Christopher Charles North.

Christopher was born in Queniborough, Leicestershire to Sam and Mary North, he was one of a large family. Sam, his father, was a butcher and grazier in Queniborough where he owned around 100 acres of land. Christopher had a happy childhood with his brothers and sisters.
When he was in his 20's Christopher met a young lady called Nellie Burditt.
Nellie lived in Great Bowden also in Leicestershire, her father was the publican at the village pub called the Red Lion and he was called David Burditt.

Anyway Christopher and Nellie married in 1908 and went to live in a cottage opposite the pub on Main Street. They had a daughter who was also called Nellie after her mother.

Christopher, like so many young men of that time, went off to France & Flanders in the first World War and never returned. He was killed on the 29th April 1918.