Saturday, 28 February 2009

Barton-in-Fabis 28th February 2009

I met Kerilee when I started my Etsy shop and she purchase some fabric from me. We got talking about sewing as this is also a passion of mine and I had started to learn how to quilt.
Anyway to cut a long story short Kerilee told me she was doing a child's quilt with my fabric and I was so bowled over by the finished article I hope you will agree with me as the picture above is the finished article. I decided I would feature her in my blog

So here is what Kerilee has to say in her own words

My Name is Kerilee Rubrich. I have been married 20 years to a wonderful husband Gary. I have 4 children, Matthew 19, Alyssa 17, William 11, Samantha 7. Along with selling on etsy I coach figure skating and work retail.

I have loved arts and crafts for my whole life. I love to paint, quilt,papercrafts,and scrapbooking. Some day when funds permit I would even love to make jewelry. Most of my crafts have been self taught. Once in awhile I would take a class at the local craft store.

My dream would be to retire from all my other jobs and just make money selling my items that I create. That is why I started selling on etsy. I think it is such a great site. I love to look at all the items people create. There are so many talented people in this world.

I have not had the funds to buy much on etsy, even though there is a ton of items that I would like to. I would say my favorite purchase was the Material I got from Margaret. It is fun to see a item in one store turn into another item to be sold in another store.

The hard thing about etsy is getting started and bluiding up trust with cutomers. People like to see and touch items. They want a quality product. Which I know I have but getting people to have faith in you is hard. They want to see you have alot of sales. So getting the first few sales is hard even more so in this economy. One other thin I would like to do is seperate my crafts into different shops, but it is hard to do that because you need a seperat e-mail for every shop.

I love to travel in my travel trailer. I love to pack all my craft items and just go camping. See different places and create new things at the same time. My husband and I joke that when we retire we are going to get a ROCK STAR bus (RV) and travel the United States. Once in awhile dropping in on our kids.

Click the link below to go into Kerilee's Etsy shop

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